Canberra marks International Day of Radiology with good news
for breast and prostate cancer 

Politicians of all persuasions have marked the fourth International Day of Radiology (IDoR) by hearing how Diagnostic Imaging is improving the odds for Australian cancer sufferers.

The politicians have attended an expert presentation on the powerful new options Diagnostic Imaging is providing to better identify and treat both breast and prostate cancers – which affect 35,000 Australians every year.

Click here to watch ADIA’s new videos showing the powerful new ways to better identify and treat both breast cancer and prostate cancer.

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ADIA slams Co-payment by Stealth

16 December 2015

Australia’s diagnostic imaging (DI) providers have slammed the Federal Government’s cuts to Medicare rebates for general patients who were previously bulk-billed – without any regard for the impact on their ability to be able to afford early diagnosis of an illness.

ADIA Federal Budget Submission

17 February 2015

ADIA has submitted its Federal Budget submission outlining recommendations for modest patient gaps, the implementation of the Quality Framework for Diagnostic Imaging and support mechanisms for diagnostic imaging services and practitioners.

ADIA submission to the Senate Inquiry into out-of-pocket costs in Australian healthcare

12 May 2014

A submission detailing the rise in out-of-pocket costs for diagnostic imaging services has been lodged.

Media release: Health costs already stopping treatment

12 May 2014

ADIA draws attention to the increasing out-of-pocket costs borne by diagnostic imaging patients