Federal Budget 2014-2015

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Help Keep Medical Imaging Services Affordable

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Welcome to the website of the Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association. ADIA was formed in 1999 to promote the practice of private radiology performed by specialist radiologists within Australia.

The Association works to ensure the continued sustainability of comprehensive private specialist radiology practice. It consults with government and other appropriate bodies on matters relating to the funding and delivery of radiology services.

Currently diagnostic imaging services in Australia are provided by public hospitals (35% to 40%) and private imaging practices (60% to 65%). It is estimated that about 70% of diagnostic imaging services delivered in Australia are now funded through Medicare, and this is growing.

ADIA represents the interests of diagnostic imaging practices and radiologists engaged in the private sector. Its membership comprises both practice groups and single independent practices that come together with a common interest in quality private practice and sustainable government funding.

Securing Quality Outcomes: Systemised Access to Digital Images

The Federal Government recently announced an $8 million commitment to include diagnostic imaging results in the eHealth system. This is a first step – but it is still a long, long way from where we need to be. The lack of a common, shared infrastructure for the storage, archiving and retrieval of digital images is a critical issue. This hidden problem contributes to delays in management, potential complications and overall risk to patient care across Australia.

This video demonstrates why Australian governments must get involved in helping to provide the framework and infrastructure required to address this critical need.

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