ADIA's 2015-16 Federal Budget Submission released 


Diagnostic imaging plays a vital role in the Australian health system, helping to diagnose, treat and monitor an extensive range of illnesses and conditions – from a broken bone to guiding brain surgery. Its importance in modern medicine is reflected in the fact that every year some 20 million diagnostic imaging procedures are conducted in Australia, which has a population of only 23 million people.

ADIA, the Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association, represents the majority of private imaging practices in Australia and works constantly to ensure diagnostic imaging remains accessible, affordable and safe. ADIA members range from large multi-site businesses through to independent regional practices. Working on their behalf, ADIA regularly consults with government and other appropriate bodies on matters relating to the funding and delivery of radiology services.

Private imaging practices currently provide the majority of Medicare funded diagnostic imaging services in Australia, including X-rays, CT scans, ultrasound, MRIs, nuclear medicine and more. The remaining services are conducted in public hospitals.

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4th Annual International Day of Radiology

24 June 2015

ADIA is proud to be a participating society in the upcoming International Day of Radiology, which is celebrated on 8th November 2015. For more information go to the International Day of Radiology website at

ADIA Federal Budget Submission

17 February 2015

ADIA has submitted its Federal Budget submission outlining recommendations for modest patient gaps, the implementation of the Quality Framework for Diagnostic Imaging and support mechanisms for diagnostic imaging services and practitioners.

View ADIA updates on the 2014-15 Federal Budget including the newly released 'Safeguarding Patients - A Transition Plan for Diagnostic Imaging

18 August 2014

ADIA submission to the Senate Inquiry into out-of-pocket costs in Australian healthcare

12 May 2014

A submission detailing the rise in out-of-pocket costs for diagnostic imaging services has been lodged.

Media release: Health costs already stopping treatment

12 May 2014

ADIA draws attention to the increasing out-of-pocket costs borne by diagnostic imaging patients