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11 December 2014

Medicare measures "good news for patients"

13 May 2014

Budget goes exactly the wrong way for DI patients

13 May 2014

Health costs already stopping treatment

6 May 2014   

Governments must balance proposed Medicare co-payment

26 February 2014  

'Shocking' ovarian cancer survival rates must be improved

12 February 2014

Modernising Medicare makes sense


14 November 2013

Diabetes- Invest to save lives and money

8 November 2013

Functional imaging to transform our medical system

1 November 2013

Radiology industry welcomes better access to MRIs- but says more must be done

28 October 2013

Better technology should be made accessible to reduce breast cancer deaths

20 October 2013

Treat bones like breasts

12 October 2013

Medicare fails millions of Australians with arthritis

23 August 2013

Daffodil Day Medical imaging critical for cancer but the growing 'gap' means many miss out

22 July 2013

Medical Imaging can end chronic pain - if you can afford it


7 October 2012

Early diagnosis of breast cancer at risk due to under funding, warns radiologists

21 June 2012

Increase in Medicare-covered MRI a positive step, but broader funding frozen in time

9 May 2012

Budget backs radiographers and highlights importance of medical imaging

10 March 2012

Radiologists throw full support behind PIP breast implant scanning


2 November 2011

ADIA New president, ADIA pledges to work with government to maintain investment and resolve indexation impasse

10 May 2011

Joint media release - Federal Budget 2011-12

11 April 2011

Missed diagnoses and further burden for sickest Australians predicted without Medicare indexation

22 February 2011

Communique from Patients and Health Professionals for Affordable Access to Quality DI


30 November 2010

Patients will suffer from severe underfunding Access Economics' Report into State of Diagnostic Imaging

18 August 2010

Greens Get Behind Patients' Rights to Affordable, Early and Accurate Diagnosis- Radiology Providers

11 August 2010

The Greens Press Release

4 August 2010

Opposition On the Right Rebate Track but What About Patients who Can't Afford to Access Early Diagnosis Asks Radiology Providers

27 July 2010

What do Patients Want? To Afford Early Diagnosis. Radiology Providers Ask Parties to Commit to Greater Support for Patients

July 2010

 Federal Budget 2010 - Additional Funding for Diagnostic Imaging


Australians are paying more for radiology


12 May 2009

Federal Budget 2009 - Additional Funding for Diagnostic Imaging


18 January 2008

Australians are paying more for radiology services


14 November 2007

Medicare Image Might Disappear

October 2007

Informed Financial Consent for Diagnostic Imaging Patients