International Day of Radiology

The International Day of Radiology (IDoR) is an annual event held with the aim of building greater awareness of the value that radiology contributes to safe patient care, and improving understanding of the vital role radiologists and radiological technologists play in the healthcare continuum.

The event is celebrated on 8 November to coincide with the anniversary of Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen’s discovery of the existence of X-Rays in 1895.

For more information go to the International Day of Radiology website or Facebook page.


2019 International Day of Radiology

To mark the 2019 International Day of Radiology, ADIA hosted an event at Parliament House Canberra attended by peak body stakeholders and MPs from across the political spectrum.

This video, featuring four leading radiologists from around Australia, was shared at the event to convey just how important radiology is, the work done by radiologists and the depth of expertise these medical specialists develop over their many years of training.


Previous years 

In 2015, ADIA shone a spotlight on lifechanging developments across the radiology sector. Diagnostic imaging is at the forefront of medical innovation, constantly evolving to improve the information we can uncover from the human body. This is improving outcomes for millions of patients. These developments are highlighted in ADIA's Beyond the Scan brochure. 

ADIA also developed two videos that shone a spotlight on developments in imaging for breast cancer and prostate cancer.