Media Releases

As part of a wider communication strategy, ADIA is in regular contact with mainstream and health-specific media. To read any recent media release, please click on the link below.


1 July 2020

Milestone day for 9 million Australian radiology patients


20 November 2019

New ADIA President reaffirms commitment to affordable, accessible radiology

4 April 2019

Labor's Budget reply: welcome news for cancer patients

2 April 2019

Budget confirms good news for patients

17 March 2019

Radiologists commend Minister Hunt for Medicare overhaul


23 September 2018

MRI "arms race" masking the real issue facing patients

13 July 2018

Expectant mums and babies at heart of new Medicare campaign

10 May 2018

Labor's Budget reply: some steps in the right direction for patients

8 May 2018

Budget: Government is "miles short" on Medicare

7 May 2018

Medicare - Budget Verdict

2 May 2018

Turnbull's Medicare Failure Leaves Tasmanians in Pain

5 March 2018

Radiologists commend Greens on Medicare

26 February 2018

Radiology campaign targets Capricornia MP Michelle Landry

26 February 2018

Radiology campaign targets George Christensen

8 February 2018

ASA Welcomes New Campaign to Fix Broken Medicare for Patients

7 February 2018

RANZCR Welcomes Campaign to End Broken and Unfair Medicare Rebate System

6 February 2018

New Campaign Targets Government Inaction on Medicare


8 December 2017

Bennelong By-Election: No More Broken Promises!

28 November 2017

Bennelong By-Election: Medicare "Wait Times"? Patients Have Been Waiting 19 Years!

8 November 2017

Politicians Reminded of Radiology Crisis on International Day of Radiology

1 November 2017

Sickest Patients To Be Hit By More Medicare Cuts

27 October 2017

Senate Inquiry: Radiologists Call For End To Systematic Medicare Underfunding

18 August 2017

Radiology: Senate Inquiry Doesn't Go Far Enough

2 July 2017

Medicare Ignoring the Five Biggest Cancer Killers

9 May 2017

‘Guaranteeing Medicare’: Government Over-Promises and Under-Delivers for Millions of Patients

4 May 2017

2017 Budget: Government Breaks Radiology Promise, Ignores Major Health Policy Problems


19 July 2016

Sussan Ley's Reappointment Welcomed

1 July 2016

Bulk billing incentive for diagnostic imagine unchanged today

22 June 2016

ADIA calls on Labor to fix the hidden gap in its Medicare platform

10 June 2016

ADIA calls Labor’s failure to index diagnostic imaging a broken promise on Medicare

6 June 2016

ADIA welcomes the Coalition's commitment on access to diagnostic imaging services

5 June 2016

Coalition Plan For Access To Affordable Diagnostic Imaging For All Australians

31 May 2016

Rebate freeze debate ignores radiology as patient gaps hit $100

14 May 2016

PM's Pathology Deal Ignores Bigger Problems

8 February 2016

Emergency departments face a deluge of additional patients

20 January 2016

Widening the Gap - FACT SHEET 2


18 December 2015

Patient rebate cuts for Diagnostic Imaging - correcting the record

16 December 2015

The Government’s cuts to Medicare rebates – how patients will pay the cost FACT SHEET 1

16 December 2015

ADIA slams Co-payment by Stealth - Media Release

3 December 2015

Pause on Safety Net cuts welcomed - Media Release

10 November 2015

International Day of Radiology - Media Release

28 September 2015

MBS Review - ADIA Statement